You might have wondered a lot of times if you’re washing your hair too much or else, and that is probably the reason why you’ve landed on this blog in the first place. From a regular hair wash to an extensive hair styling routine, we all have guilty pleasures for the things we do for hair. While everyday washing is the absolute favorite of many people, the “no-poo” method is also equally popular. So, without further ado, let’s move on to how often we should wash our hair, and why. 




Why Is Hair Washing Significant? 

When it comes to hair care, hair washing is the fundamental element. As the hair is exposed to sunlight, dirt and whatnot, impurities settle on the hair, making it look matted, greasy and dirty. Hence, shampoos are formulated to clean the hair of dirt and impurities, and keep it fresh. The longer you go on without a hair wash, the limper the hair becomes. So practically, a hair care routine is non-existent without a regular hair wash.


From this, we can conclude that cleaning our hair is a good thing, so why do we have to see if we can wash it everyday? You see, there are different hair types that respond differently to the Hair Care Routines. For example, a hair routine that works for oily hair might not work for dry hair at all. So you have to determine your hair type first in order to plan out a hair wash routine. 


If you have textured hair, there’s a fair chance your hair is dry. The reason being, hair roots produce natural oils called sebum. These oils maintain hair moisture levels and keep it from drying out. When the hair has a wave/curl, the oils have trouble reaching all the way down to the ends. So, while the hair roots are well-nourished, the ends remain dehydrated, leading to dry hair.




How Often Should You Wash Your Hair? 


As discussed above, your hair moisture level varies based on your hair texture and pattern. So, if you have naturally dry hair, washing it frequently can lead to further dryness and consequent hair damage. On the other hand, if the hair is oil-prone, washing it less frequently might make it appear untidy, greasy and limp. So, how often should you wash your hair?


People with dry hair should wash their hair optimally once to twice a week. While the shampoo  rinses away dirt and impurities from the hair, it also washes away sebum, leaving the hair dry. Hence, it is suggested to give dry hair some time to re-hydrate, and wash it only once or twice a week. For dry hair, make sure you use the products which are hydrating and free of sulfates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals. GK Hair Moisturizing Color Protection Shampoo and Conditioner Duo is an optimal choice for dry, dehydrated hair. The Juvexin-infused formula aptly nourishes the hair and helps it to go longer in between washes without getting too dirty. 


Oily hair gets super greasy if not washed within a day or two. The oil glands in oily hair are more stimulated than dry hair, and hence, need frequent hair washing. Therefore, experts suggest washing oily hair almost daily, or on alternate days with a shampoo that is compatible with the hair type. Washing your hair with a typical, sulfate shampoo on a daily basis can damage your hair further. Hence, experts suggest the use of Balancing Shampoo, a mild formula especially curated for oily hair. This gentle cleansing shampoo balances hair pH, and maintains natural oil production in hair, which marks it perfectly safe to use on a daily basis. 




How Often Should You Condition Your Hair

Although there might be contradictory thoughts, conditioning your hair is as important as washing it. As the shampoo rinses away moisture from hair, the conditioner makes up for it and keeps the hair properly hydrated throughout. 


Dry, or textured hair needs conditioning more than any other hair type. Hence, regular conditioning isn’t enough. Use GK Hair Leave-In Conditioner on damp, freshly washed as soon as you step out of the shower for a frizz-free, fly hydrated look. Along with that, treat your hair bi-weekly with Deep Conditioner Treatment for an extra dose of protein + moisture. 


In case of fine, straight, or oily hair, conditioning the hair every once a week does the job. Many people believe that oily hair does not need to be conditioned. However, that is not the case. The roots can compensate for the moisture but the hair ends remain dry and need external moisture to stay hydrated. Hence, a lightweight formula such as Balancing Conditioner can maintain hair health without weighing it down. 




Can I Go a Few Days Without Washing My Hair?

If you have dry hair, you can easily go on for a few days without shampooing your hair, as dry hair produces less oils. In case of oily hair, however, going without hair washing might be a challenge, and you will have to counter it. This is where GK Hair Vegan Dry SHampoo comes to play. Infused with 100% plant-based, natural ingredients, this Dry Shampoo soaks up excess oil and moisture and gives the hair a freshly-washed look without actually having to wash it. So, when washing the hair feels like a hassle, just spritz on Dry Shampoo to the hair roots and you’re covered for the day.


The Bottom Line

Figuring out what your hair needs and when takes a bit of experimentation, research and error, but eventually contributes to your hair health big time. We hope this blog was helpful. Follow us on social media at @gkhair and visit our official web for more tips and updates.