GK Hair Shines at Beautyworld Middle East 2019

Beautyworld Middle East, an event organized for the beauty industry to gather under one roof, has gained the reputation of the  largest international trade fair in the region. It is an amazing opportunity to help from top professional hair care brands to skin care brands promote their products and services. This year, the twenty-fourth Beautyworld trade fair was held at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center. In accordance with Mr Van Tibolli’s principle of bringing new trends globally at the most important events, GK Hair, one of the best haircare brands stood out at the grand event, showcasing the sophisticated product line, new tools and treatments, and stunning hair transformations by our international artists. 

Beautyworld Middle East 2019

The event was three days long and hosted a consistently packed audience at the GK Hair booth to see the artists at work. Tricia Ostrom and Wojciech Jewula, along with local professionals, showcased the wide range of GK hair Juvexin infused products and articulated styling techniques. Several influencers and celebrity figures appeared at the GK Hair booth to acquire information. الفنانة شموخ (Shomookh Albahraniya) also visited and got her hair done at the booth. On the second day of the grand event, GK Hair claimed the stage in two slots. In the morning slot, Tricia Ostrom displayed meticulous color and styling techniques using Juvexin Cream Colors. During the evening slot, the focus was shifted to hair treatments, which also included GK Hair Keratin Treatment Dubai. Wojciech Jewula carried out the transformations on stage while Mr Van Tibolli gave a speech about the vision of GK Hair, the best hair care luxury brand.

 Furthermore, GK Hair’s exclusive launches in hair technology; three new flat irons were demonstrated during the event. These flat irons combine the latest technology and modern design in order to deliver a perfect hair styling experience for customers. During the event, the CEO of Cosmetica, GK Hair’s Dubai Partner—Ali Ibrahim Hashim and the CEO of GK Hair, Mr Van Tibolli remained active during the meet and greet sessions held each day at Beauty World Middle East 2019. Various influencers and celebrities expressed great wonder at visiting the booth and meeting the GK Hair team.