The Hair Taming System has been popular among those who have resistant hair. They have become the new favourite of people with curly, frizzy, damaged hair as a long-lasting solution to combat the aforementioned hair challenges. GK Hair, top professional hair care brands, realising the need of the taming system, has been manufacturing high performance professional products in UAE for more than a decade now. After extensive research, we have revised two major taming treatments, namely The Best and Resistant, into new formulations. We revealed these new formulations at the conference in Passport to Success 2024, which was held in April this year. All the formulas developed so far have been specifically to cater the needs of all hair types.

The Best: A New Formula!

The Best is a formaldehyde-free keratin treatment infused with GK Hair’s keratin anti-aging protein blend – Juvexin. It helps in maintaining the natural brilliance of hair and keeps the hair in a youthful state.


The treatment offers intense repair for the hair strands, from shaft to care. Adding the necessary-for-hair protein building blocks to the hair shaft strengthens your hair strands and protects it from future environmental damage. You can customise the end results of this treatment as per your desires by changing the application timings. The versatile features of The Best make a top choice by salon goers and stylists alike. The new formulation of Best Hair Treatment Kit is better than ever before. It is now 25% stronger with the innovation in its key ingredients to provide high performance results for the hair.

Strawberry Resistant

Strawberry Resistant is a Juvexin enriched keratin treatment which promises 100% smooth end results similar to the GK Hair Classic Resistant treatment. However, there are new features we will highlight on this new service option. No matter how coarse or curly the hair is, Resistant and Strawberry Resistant smoothen the hair completely while restoring shine, health, and natural brilliance.


The recent addition in formulation of Resistant is Resistant Strawberry. Salon professionals will provide consistent and fabulous results. It is easier to apply on your client's hair and smooth texture allows you to disperse it using less product. It has a fan favourite fruity strawberry fragrance. The new formulation also promises the same trusted results and works for all hair types. New formulations of The Best and Resistant provide immaculate results that last for up to 5 months, provided they use proper aftercare products after the treatment. GK Hair Aftercare Line has products to suit all hair types. Besides, the Styling Range includes products that cater to all your hair styling needs, using which they can turn every day into a good hair day.


FAQ: What sets the hair smoothing product apart, and why is it claimed to be the best and most resistant ever used?

Answer: GK Hair's hair smoothing product stands out due to its advanced formula, combining cutting-edge technology with high-quality ingredients. The unique blend works to provide an exceptionally smooth finish that is not only long-lasting but also highly resistant to humidity and environmental factors. This exceptional resilience is what makes it the best and most resistant hair smoothing solution in the market today.

FAQ: How long does the effect of the hair smoothing treatment last, and is it suitable for all hair types?

Answer: The effects of our hair smoothing treatment typically last for several weeks, providing clients with an extended period of frizz-free, smooth hair. As for suitability, this product is designed to cater to a wide range of hair types, including straight, wavy, and curly. The formula is versatile, ensuring that individuals with various hair textures can enjoy the benefits of superior smoothing and resistance.

FAQ: Can I still use styling tools and other hair products after applying this smoothing treatment?

Answer: Yes, absolutely! Our hair smoothing treatment is compatible with most styling tools and products. In fact, it can enhance the overall styling experience by creating a smooth canvas for easy styling. We recommend using sulfate-free and sodium chloride-free hair care products to maintain the longevity of the treatment. Clients can continue their usual styling routine while enjoying the long-lasting effects of the best and most resistant hair smoothing solution they've ever used.