Big Upgrade Alert- D600 Titanium Flat Iron Is Now D700 Titanium Flat Iron

GK Hair’s D600 Titanium Flat Iron has been a favorite of professionals and end users for quite some time now. These titanium plates, the star feature of the iron plates that produce excellent styling, giving a silky, shiny finish. The design made it easy-to-use. We have something special for D600 Titanium Flat Iron. There is an upgraded version available. It is the D700 Titanium Flat Iron.

  D700 Titanium Flat Iron has an updated technology and design. It is perfect to be used at home and in a salon. This high performance flat iron can be used during the hair taming treatments where the hair cuticle needs to be sealed.

D700 Titanium Flat Iron

A good hair straightener's ultimate job is making your styling easy and convenient with no damage. Therefore, the upgraded version of D600 has been developed. D700 Titanium Flat Iron features state of the art dual wet and dry functions allowing you to straighten dry and wet hair.

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This unique feature makes it a professional favorite Flat Iron in UAE. It also has titanium plates which are 4.7 inches long and 1 inch wide (12cm x 2.5cm). These sleek dimensions make it perfect to be used on any length of hair. It has a 360 degree swivel cord making the straightening easier and convenient. You can regulate the temperature of the iron between 122°F to 450°F (50°C to 232°C). More so, it has an automatic two hours shut off function which makes it safe to use at home.


What is the difference between the D600 Titanium Flat Iron and the upgraded D700 Titanium Flat Iron?

The D700 Titanium Flat Iron is an upgraded version of the D600, featuring enhanced technology for even better performance. It incorporates advanced features and improvements to provide superior styling results, including faster heating, smoother glide, and optimized control.

Can I still use the same styling techniques with the D700 as I did with the D600?

Yes, you can use the same styling techniques with the D700 Titanium Flat Iron as you did with the D600. The upgraded model maintains user-friendly controls and settings, allowing you to achieve your desired hairstyles while enjoying the benefits of the enhanced technology and performance.

Are the plates on the D700 Titanium Flat Iron safe for all hair types

Yes, the D700 Titanium Flat Iron is designed with versatility in mind and is safe for all hair types. Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or coily hair, the flat iron's titanium plates provide efficient heat distribution, ensuring smooth styling while minimizing damage. Adjust the temperature settings to suit your hair type for optimal results.